Exception Error message: "systemoutofmemoriesexception' was thrown

I am new and not very experienced. so excited to build two Bots but I can’t send it to my coworkers as I can not package them to be useful.
Can you please help? thank you so much in advance !!!

Hello @Nancy_Han ,

Can I ask what version of UiPath Studio you have?
Also, what action did you tried and received this error?

Do you process a specific amount of data?
Do you have the x86 or X64 version of studio?
Do you have enough resources on this computer?


Hi Vasile,
Thank you! think it’s the studio 64 version of the studio. is there anyway I can check to make sure? Resources meaning harddrive or RAM? sorry I sound like a fool here. lol. thank you!

can anyone shed some light on me?