Name of the activity running in debugging mode

Is there a way to get the name of an activity running in debugging mode?

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I want to know the command to know what is Assign - Now

Hi @yundw there is no such thing to get activity name while running in debug mode.

However when you run into an exception at that time we can get the name of activity by using Exception.source

Now if you still wish to get name of activity, please use log message before and after each activity so that it prints the required message

thank you.

what i need
It’s called “Assign-Now”.

I want to check it in the studio other than how to check the log


If you want to log each activities’ name in debug mode, can you try to turn on LogActivities option on ribbon menu?

Note: If turn it on, workflow will be slightly slow.


Hi @Yoichi I think @yundw needs display name of activity which he has renamed , so to get that he has to put log message before and after the activity right?

Any other method u feel we can get display name

I can’t get the name of the activity I want in the end even in the log message


Can you share your purpose? If you want to output activity name when exception occurs, the following will work.

faultedDetails = exception.Data("FaultedDetails")

note : faultedDetails is object type.


Activity name:

faultedDetails.GetType().GetProperty("ActivityFullName").GetValue(faultedDetails, Nothing).ToString

Display name:

faultedDetails.GetType().GetProperty("DisplayName").GetValue(faultedDetails, Nothing).ToString


There is no direct activity by which you can get display name of activity,

@Yoichi @Palaniyappan am I correct

doesn’t work…
can you give me a sample


It requires TryCatch and InvokeWorkflowFile. Can you try as the following?

First surround InvokeWorkflowFile activity by Try activity

Then, put the above expression in Catch area.

Next, write something occur exception in callee workflow.


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