Exception encountered while trying to kill a process

I am simply trying to kill chrome and getting this exception,

> Exception encountered while trying to kill a process

, the same code working fine in the other project

And for some reason, I am also getting a path exception for reading the config file in performer while its working smoothly inside dispatcher (I have verified the path multiple times)

What could be the issue?

@Sami_Rajput show use Try block

In case of any path exception. Might be possible that it is due to used by another process

Here is the try block

and here is the error screen shot

Through that same path I am reading config file in Dispatcher

@Sami_Rajput ,

Hey just check if you have given correct Process name , also Set ContinueOnError field to True in properties of Kill Process activity and then check it.

Hope it helps you

Also tried that, exact same code working fine in the dispatcher


a. Chrome Process Not Found: The Chrome process might not be found because it could have already been closed or it might be running with a different name (e.g., “chrome.exe” instead of “Chrome”). In such cases, attempting to kill a non-existent process can result in an exception.
Incorrect Path:Double-check the file path and make sure it is correct. Ensure that there are no extra spaces or invalid characters in the path. It’s also good practice to use absolute file paths to avoid any relative path issues.
Unresponsive Chrome:Sometimes, Chrome can become unresponsive, and the “Kill Process” activity may not work as expected. In such cases, consider using the “Close Tab” or “Close Application” activities to gracefully close Chrome.

try change chrome to chrome.exe,

for the config issue are you using relative path for the config file? what value did you pass in for initAllsettings.xaml?

Hi @Sami_Rajput

Check your config file it is not in your path
the workbook doesnot exist

But that is the same path I am using it inside dispatcher, the file is there… I have confirmed

@Sami_Rajput are you using relative or absolute path?

Hi @Sami_Rajput

Confirm me that the dispatcher and performer is in the same project or in different projects.

I am passing the path through the in_config argument, and then passing the whole path.
Is that what you asked

they are different projects, i am invoking the performer from within dispatcher

I think those are not the different projects. There are different xaml’s you are invoking the dispatcher xaml in to the performer xaml.

Can we connect for a while to sort out the things.

If you are okay to connect then send the zoom link.

I have sent you a dm