Autofill date range for each input data

Hello All,

I would like to know how to autofill the date (“9/1/22”) in a range of cells for each input data which I’m calling through variables E.g - SUZUKI , YAMAHA , HONDA etc.

I have attach a sample of how the excel file should look like. Kindly please help.

Thank you all
Test case.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Hello @Yugal_Raju

So do you want to fill the date for all the rows?

If yes, you can use Auto fill range activity.


Yes but I’m not sure how to enter date for each point using Autofill range

You can use Now.toString(“dd/MM/yyyy”) to auto pick the date from your System

In the value field you need to provide the date.

If yku need current date. Then use as below.


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