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I have an excel sheet its name changed every day when extracted so how can I create a variable for it

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HI @omar_ismail

What will be changing in the name can you tell any example?


Means you are downloading from any platform?

yes i am downloading a CSV excel sheet and the sheet name contains today date so every day will be in a deffrient name so i need to get a varible to be able to use it in the read range activity

Hi @omar_ismail


first activity will retrieve a list of all sheets, based on that you can search for the one that you want

second activity you can get the sheet name based on the index


can I know in which package these activities


Filter options → Show Classic

These are in Excel.Activities @omar_ismail

If you dont find one Go to Activities Filters → Click on Classic


I got the activities, what is the next step I didn’t get it before can you elaborate?

@omar_ismail I am attching workflow give me time.
please review this

Read like this.


the idea is to use one of them, not both, as i explanied before, you can use one or other based on your requirement, if you want to retrieve the sheet name, based on the index sheet for example your first excel sheet name, then use the Get Workbook Sheet Activity and set the index value, example:


Inside use excel scope activity …

You can use Excel.Selectedsheet to get the sheetname of the current excel…

This can be used in read range activity sheetname field…

As there is only one sheet this will give the current sheetname directly

Hope this helps



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