Excel Vlookup Using UiPAth



Hi, I wold like to perform vlookup using UiPath, I have a excel file in that I have 2 Sheets (Sheet1 and Sheet2) in both the Sheet I have a common column (userId) with unique value, I want to do a lookup in Sheet one which tell me the common userId in both sheet, I have attached the screenshot of my excel file for reference.

How can we do this in UiPath.
Thank You!!!.

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Hi @anshul_nema,
Refer this post,




If you want to get common user ID’s You can try below Query

ListA=(From p In dt1.Select()
where (From q in dt2.Select() where p(“User ID”).ToString.Equals(q(“User ID”).ToString) Select q).ToArray.Count>0
Select p(“User ID”).ToString ).ToList

You will get the List of common user ID’s .
dt1-First excel sheet
dt2-Second excel sheet



HI @anshul_nema,

refer this xaml file for VloopUp
Book1.xlsx (8.3 KB)
Vlookup.xaml (10.2 KB)


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Thank You Arivu… It’s working… :slight_smile:


HI @arivu96, can you tell me what should be there in the “click and send hotkey activities” as it is showing image not available!!



Hi @sushmithaelluru,

While selecting the selector it will took the screenshot and its stord in the project folder.
. Screenshot -> if you delete this folder activity shows image not available but it will not as per the logic.