Excel Vlookup - concatenating


I have a VLOOKUP formula excel that looks like this: VLOOKUP(“BE”&E2;[external excel file]!$B;$W;3;false)
How can I use this in Uipath? I know I need to use , instead of ; but I am struggling with the “BE” part. As Uipath interprets it as a string value and it is not concatenating the “BE” with the E2 cell right now.

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use double “”, check my example:
“=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A2;’\corporativo\shares\ContenciosoReclamacoes\Tarefas Administrativas\Atribuição Trabalho Wizy - Robot[Atribuição Trabalho.xlsx]Ausencias’!$A:$A;1;FALSE);"“Não”")”

As far as write in excel file, i like to use the following method:
go to cell
set to clipboard
open cell
paste value in clipboard

Hi @fmsimoes

Thanks a lot for your reply.
However it does not seem to work.

I will elaborate on my case:

Sheet 1 contains a certain column that has the following value: BE022
Sheet 2 contains a certain column that has the following value: 022 (in cell E2)

I want to retrieve a column by using the activity ‘write line’: VLOOKUP(“BE”&E2,not mentioning rest of function as it does not matter). I want the BE (hard text) and the value of E2 to concatenate.

I tried as following according to your logic and the following gets automated in the cell in excel: (VLOOKUP(BEE2)

Do you have any further ideas?

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can you attach the excel file with the formula on it ?

Hi @fmsimoes

It worked out after all, I nested my formulas with concatenate (VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE)) and used the double “” as you suggested (instead of VLOOKUP(xx&yy).


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