Excel values match

Hi, I want to match the values present in one excel in given format

Excel 1
with the values present in another excel in given format.
Excel 2

The 1st one data is come from database and 2nd one data is prepared by calculation.
I want to match this data with each other if there is a difference of 0.01 or 0.02 or any minor shoot a mail.

Plzz help me out!!

You can use lookup data table activity For each loop, If there is no data in DT2, it will show index as -1, based on which you can frame your flow.

Ok, but the data in DT2 is in given format in 2 columns
So, how could I run this in a single loop
Excel 2


Hello @sarvesh.b
Here vlookup is the best option. As in DT2 data is there in 2 columns, you need to check in both.

You can provide the range in it.