Comparing all the rows of a particular column in 2 excel documents and updating the value of the rows for that column based on a condition

I am very new to UiPath and this is the first project I am working on with UiPath.

I have 2 excel documents (Accruals and Actuals). I am trying to compare the value in row 1 of column (J) in Actuals sheet with the value of row 1 of column (J) in Accruals. If the value is greater, then update the value of row 1 of column J in Actuals with value present in row 1 of column J in Accruals.
If the value is lesser, then retain the same value and proceed to next row and so on.

I have attached the screen shot of for loop I have created to iterate for all the rows.
I need help on how do I update Column J value if the value is greater and how do I not update and retain the same value if it is smaller.

Looking forward for any help. Thanks in advance.

Hi welcome to the community!
Please take a look at the activity Lookup Data Table, then you will need only one For Each Row, for the one you may need to update the values.