Excel to Html

Task B: Perform automation of attendance marking

  1. Each day, you are required to mark the attendance of network technicians. Given the “attendance.xlsx” and “attendance.html” files, automate the steps of marking of attendance on “attendance.html” based on the data in “attendance.xlsx”.

Hi i have been tasked to create a bot according to the question above. Is there anyone could kindly help me explain the suitable flowcharts or give me an example. Your assistance will be appreciated. Thank you. I’m unable to attach the documents cos I’m a new user, so i will try to explain. about the excel sheet there are 5 columns. ID number,Name,Status,Reason for abscence and Late for. the status has numbers filled with 1 or 0. 1 being present and 0 being absent. The reason has - which means nil, MC means valid medical cert and AL which means Applied leave. for the late for there are only -,1 hour late or 2 hours only. in the HTML there are 5 radio buttons and 1 select button beside each person’s name. the four radio buttons are AL,Present,Absent,MC and late for. the select button is for late for. which has 1 or 2 as its option.

Hi I’ve the same qns too do u get the ans