Excel to Form (Table Format)

I am trying to automate our timesheet system. We have an Excel with exactly the same format as the table below but I can’t figure out how to transfer the data to the website. To clarify, some timesheets reach up to 58 rows. I have tried For Each Row then use Type Into but it won’t automatically select the next row in the website, I have to manually select it. It would be tideous to layout as a whole process if I have 58 rows just for 1 timesheet! :tired_face: Thanks in advance for the help! :bowing_woman:

@kawaii_potato Have you tried Sending a Hot Key (tab or Enter) At the End of the For Each Loop ?

That’s what I’m currently doing to transfer from 1 Textbox to the next. But I still need to use ‘Type Into’ (requires selecting the specific textbox) to input the details. Is there a way not to use ‘Type Into’?

@kawaii_potato So if you Press a Tab or a Enter Key at the End of the First Row, It won’t transfer the Control to the Next Row?

Sorry for the confusion, it would but it still requires me to use ‘Type Into’ - when using ‘Type Into’ function I’m required to select the specific textbox even if the correct textbox is already selected. See below screenshot of my current flow.


@kawaii_potato Are you using CV Type into?

Yes, but I don’t want to. I just want for the flow to be:

Click 1st textbox —> Input Project current row —> Tab —> Input Task current row —> Tab ----> Input next data and so on…

Is this possible in UI path? Using ‘Type Into’ needs CV which requires for me to still manually select the textbox :frowning: