EXCEL TO EXCEL AUTOMATION For Reports to reduce manual Effort

Hello Dev’s

My requirement as i have an Excel Reports that is having a various tabs in it as Input and output. So using input tab i have to write the Result in Output Tab in same Excel.

Considering Salary (Input) tab i have to post the values in Teamwise Salary (Output) tab.

You can use Filter datatable for each Team
after filtering one by one you can write them in output tab/sheet

Tried but didn’t get can you please share .xaml file

Thanks and much appreciated

Is team size and no of teams are going to change or fixed?

Its going be changed in future maybe new member joined the team

Please check the below workflow hope it will help u and if required make changes
Reports.xaml (18.4 KB) Reports.xlsx (44.0 KB)

For testing in sheet Teamwise Salary (Output) remove all data from 3rd row

Thanks Appreciated

But one more thing as i need all data should be Post in Row 3 as format is given because there is formula’s associated with all columns and we only have to paste the data in it, if we remove all the Data from 3rd Row then formula’s are removed and our requirement is not working. Please suggest.

Thank you so much.

U can also pass formula using write cell

Tried But for me the write cells is based on the team size how can i manage that part.

Please share where u want that formula i will do it tomorrow

Thanks Attached the Report in Yellow Highlighted row there is formula i.e. in Employee name there addition of Records 2 record its show 2 then amount addition.Reports.xlsx (42.0 KB)

Hey @ImPratham45 if you get the chance to look into that ?


Sorry i am quite busy in my work will give u soon

You can use formulas using assign

I tried but didn’t get can you please share where i should assign so that i can get formula should works.Reports.xaml (18.4 KB) Reports.xlsx (44.0 KB) !
Name1+Name4=2 (=COUNTA(B4:B6))
38992+46011=85003 (=SUM(C4:C6))

Reports.xaml (26.5 KB) Reports.xlsx (44.3 KB)

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It works thanks @ImPratham45

Your welcome!!!

Hope its a good learning for you

Happy Automation !!!

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It is

Thank you so much

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