Excel tabs Automation to overcome the manual efforts while applying formulas in Cells

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I have a Requirement where i have to fill the Data in Excel Output sheet using Multiple Tabs and output should be in same excel sheet just in different tab.
Sheet1 Input: Contains Monthly Total Income
Sheet2 Input: Contains Salary of each Team member
Sheet3 Input: Contains Other expense Details of each Team Member.

Now in Sheet 4 we need output based on Breakup in all 3 Input sheets.
Attached the excel.

can any Dev, Please suggest how i can start.

thanksReports.xlsx (23.1 KB)




Hi @Bhupesh_Gupta

In my honest opinion, is more easier with a macro instead an robot.

Is need to be a robot to do the job?

have a look here for initial block parsing:

extracting the different blocks can help to pull out the different portions needed in output 4


Yes we need robot as we have requirement

@ImPratham45 can you provide some suggestion

Currently busy
will check nd let u know
i am not getting it by first look

any .xaml suggestion for same
@ImPratham45 @ppr

If you get the chance or any suggestion @ImPratham45

i am not getting the pattern …which data comes in output

Ok So the sheet4 (Output) is the output sheet

where In Column A and B is copy paste of Column A and C from Sheet 1(Input)

and Column C, D and E is calculated from Sheet 2(Input)

Row 5
Number of employees 12 3 5 4 is total of all teams

Other calculation i.e. Domestic, outside, training is calculated as
Calculation of Domestic income (Team1) = 24,00,000×3/12=600000
Calculation of Domestic income (Team2) = 24,00,000×5/12=1000000
Calculation of Domestic income (HR) = 24,00,000×4/12=800000

Attached the ReportsReports.xlsx (23.8 KB)


will check nd let u know

Thank you @ImPratham45

Is output sheet data is static???

Nope as it depends on Input sheet. I mean if there is increase in team members or maybe new team than the data should be based on that input. So for output sheet Data flow should be accordingly.

No i am talking about row data

yep that is static

Then u can directly use write cell and write range with little logic dear

But how i can manage the Teams that is coming from other tabs? any suggestion

If this is continuation for previous then u have those list of temas ryt?

Yes thats ryt