Excel report file

Hi all,
i’ve a question, my robot provide to process some records and i need to report that, i have 10 sections (so 10 invokes) inside process.xaml, and i’ll manage that records in a while loop in each invoke. Is correct to do a write cell inside loop and do a WRITE CELL to write every row or is better to build a DT and then WRITE RANGE inside excel?

The final result shall be an excel file with 10 sheets with some row how to many lines it has processed.
Thanks in advance

10 invoke files will use 10 sheet for writing a data right?

segregate the invoke flows with process respectively to avoid confusions.

  1. First process the 1st file , Write the data in a 1st sheet
  2. Process the next invoke file and write the data in 2nd sheet and so on

Maintain a datatable and write it all at once is a best option

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Yes because i’ve 10 section. So 1 file, 10 sections divided in 10 sheets, so the best option is to charge data in the while loop inside a DT and then write all into an excel file?


Yes changing the sheetname and data wrt to process will help