Excel to CSV without losing the cell format

Hi, I need to convert an excel file to CSV file.I have read the Excel and used the write CSV activity.But some values like 00123 are changing into 123(Leading zeroes are Missing) and 23/05/2022 is changing into 23-05-2022( / is changing into -). Please help me how to convert a exel file into CSV without losing the cells format.

Thanks in Advance


Can you try to turn on PreserveFormat option of ReadRange activity, then use WriteCSV?



I have tried that,but it’s not working. Still the formats are getting changed.


If possible, can you share your workbook? It’s no problem if dummy data.


Mine is a huge confidential client data. U just take these two values for reference (00123, 23/05/2022) in two different cells.


In my environment, it works well as the following.

Sequence.xaml (6.2 KB)

test.xlsx (8.6 KB)


Can you try the above sample?


@Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud Use below thread

Hi @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

Try opening the output csv file in notepad.