Excel swap day with month when Write Range

Hello! I need help to solve a small problem.

I have a data table that among its columns has the date in dd / MM / yyyy format. When I use the Write Range activity to move the data to an excel table the date is changed to the “MM / dd / yyyy” format and I need to keep it in the original format, just as it is in the data table inside the robot.

I attach an image to see what happens. Any idea how to fix it?

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Hi, this will fix ur issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for the option but it is not very convenient for me.

I tell you, the date format of the computer if it is in dd / mm / yyyy, so it should put the date like this but it does not.

Now the for each topic I don’t think will work for me, because as you can see in the image inside the data table the date format is correct, the problem is directly in Excel when using the write range.

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