Automatic Changes dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy

Initially i stored my data in a textfile (notepad) then i want the robot to read it from the textfile so it can send through the email.
However, when i try to debug it looks fine in the first half but when it read from the File in the email the date format changes automatically.
Initial setup
Log message for above picture.

Result become like this
The correct date should be 1st of december instead of 12th jan


So is it getting changed while reading from email

Pls elaborate a bit more

Alright so i have all the data that i required to be in that script so i read the sheet. As shown in the picture below:

However the date in the excel is different from what it came out to be:

As you can see it is shown as 1/12/2024 for the expiry date.

But it keep on being shown as the image below
it is being displayed as 12th of jan 2024 instead of 1st of dec 2024

Next problem is that if you look at the second picture:
the item have no expiry date and my code keep on stop and wont progress afterward and i had no clue on how to fix it.

Thanks for the help


One way of doing that is to create a template file locally and set the column format as dd/mm/yy

Then whenever you are using write range use copy file activity to copy the file to output folder and write to that file

Hope this may help you


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