Excel structure data filter

I am having below type of structure of Excel files i need to filter date should be 2019 position should be sales,. And email should not blank, payment mode credit card how i can achieve this ,sample files

Hello @Ravi_Shirsath,

you have multiple Excel files you want to check?

What do you mean you want to filter? Should the files which meet your criteria be moved someplace else?

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Yes if matches i am extractiong name of company ,price and lot of thing into New excel


Lopp through each file

Read the data into datatable…

And then use lookup datatable and get the required values

For example if you need Date then use lookup and find date which would give yout the next cell value as needed…

Then you have all the values…use if condition to check the required conditions and do your process in then block and leave else blank


Any xaml solutions if you can provide that would help


Can you please provide the input file here


application.zip (97.7 KB)

This all the input and output files

This is all given