Excel need to filter date wise and separate the data according to customer name

Hello Community,

I have an Input excel sheet that will get the process Input details.

there we need to filter the excel sheet according to the user input date. the input excel needs to filter and fetch the data accordingly to the given date.

those data need to separate and save in another excel sheet according to the Seller names(As per attachment) on the given date.

every seller name needs to get a separate excel sheet and need to save with the seller name.

can anyone help me to get the coding process of it?

I know it’s tuff to understand my explanation.

Input.xlsx (13.0 KB)



You can read the entire file with the read range activity.
Then, for the obtained datatable, make a distinct by the value you want.
You use the for each for each distinct value.
For each, Filter data table activity.
Write range on the sheet you want.


Hi Jose,

thanks for the solution, can you make this a skeleton code kind of it,

it would be helpful.



An outline of the process follows.
Of course, you have to add validations… example:
Validate if your input file has values
Validate if distinct returns values
Validate if the filter returned values

Main.xaml (8.2 KB)

it looks like a group by scenario, where we split the groups into different datatables