Excel Sheet operation

how can i toggle in between sheets in excel. let say i want to do same process for 3 sheets which are present in one excel file …
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First we can get the sheet names from that EXCEL like
—use a EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE where pass the file path as input and get the output from property Workbook named out_workbook
—now inside the scope use a ASSIGN activity and mention like this
Arr_sheets = Out_workbook.GetSheets.ToArray()

—now use a FOR EACH loop and pass the array variable as input and inside that loop we can use a set of activities which will be performed for all the sheets one by one

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hello @Palaniyappan
It working but working for 1 sheet only other 2 sheets remain same …

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How the write range was mentioned with sheetname kindly check them once like whether it was mentioned filth appropriate sheet names
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Sorry @Palaniyappan
I didn’t understand what did you said but I’m not using write range activity for now i just want to add that activity which i have created in 3 sheets

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may i know what activities were used to process data in each sheet in common
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Yeah sure @Palaniyappan

as you said i did but adding in same sheets like above :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

so basically I’m using Desktop Recorder activity for above process so I’m adding column in sheet now i want to add that same column in other sheets as well.

I’m attaching workflow as well @Palaniyappan

Main.xaml (76.5 KB)

I did bit a research and I used Get Workbook sheets activity and its worked @Palaniyappan
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any solution for this @Palaniyappan :point_up_2:

but how can i toggle between sheets ?? @Palaniyappan
its happening on same sheet only as i showed above.

Let me check with the xaml once buddy

sure @Palaniyappan

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