How to read Dynamic Sheet name in Read Range Activity Excel

How to read the dynamic sheet name using the read range activity

Buddy @balkishan
once you open excel application scope, we have an output option for that excel application scpe activity with datatype workbook…
Get that output with variable named out_workbook

Inside the excel application scope, use a assign activity of variable out_sheet_array of datatype System.Collections.Generic.Ienumerable<system.string>
and assign it with this

out_sheet_array = out_workbook.Getsheets

Here is a sample xaml for you buddy @balkishan
sheet.xaml (8.3 KB)

This will give the collection of sheets in the excel

No you can use a for each loop to iterate through each sheet and open the file



Hello @balkishan,
Exact same topic arrived today :smiley:
Please have a look here:

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@balkishan Here you Go Download zip file and check

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