Excel Separate Column or Split

Hello everyone

I have a column from an excel file, and I need to perform a split in several columns.

The column has “-” as a separator, for example “V - 47220 - Auxiliary Telecommunications Conductor- 07/02/23”, doing the split, the following columns should appear: V,47220,Auxiliary Telecommunications Conductor,02/ 07/23

To the right, I have more columns, and I don’t need to overwrite the content of the columns to the right, so the split, or its result could appear in the last columns to the right, and the columna to want apply the split is ad_name

The order of the columns is :
id created_time ad_id ad_name adset_id adset_name campaign_id campaign_name form_id form_name is_organic platform nivel_academico first_name last_name email phone_number city

Thank you so much

Hi @Julian_Yamid_Torres_Torr1

Try this



Hi @Julian_Yamid_Torres_Torr1 ,

As u have the data in a column with" V - 47220 - Auxiliary Telecommunications Conductor- 07/02/23" format .

Use the read range excel/workbook actvity
use the for reach row in datatable
and get the row item
use split method based on delimiter - on the current item and assign the values to the new columns on the left

In the second split “47220”, como podria capturar o guardar esa información en una variable?

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@Julian_Yamid_Torres_Torr1 Try below Solution.

BlankProcess6.zip (9.6 KB)