Excel Scope Append range is creating Scientific Notation

I am using the Excel scope and Append range to update data on an excel sheet,

when Bot does this task its putting certain column values in Scientific notation

The issue is, I later read this excel into datatable for look ups and matching’s, reading this excel to Datatable result in data being in scientific notation string , instead of real numbers, resulting in not being bale to match these values with original real number values

Why is this happening ?, formatting column in excel is not working, i tried format column to numbers , to custom then to zero, these result it adding zeros at the end and changing some of the ending numbers (maybe rounding it)

Is there a uipath solution so the append range wont get entered in scientific notation ? its a type string also

@Jay_Chacko - As you know , this is excel problem or uipath problem , please refer the link below see which method works for you…

I would suggest adding an ’ infront of your data would work.

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thanks this works perfectly

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