Excel report not generate properly missing some records

I have excel sheet.it contain 1000 records.I am getting data to excel and insert in web application and after this update in excel sheet with flag true.it means this records successfully insert in website.
But after insert almost 200 records in website it missing to insert in website or may be skip flag update.if I again stop the execution of application and start it again from 200 for almost next 200 it work fine after this it skip records.after 4 records 5 record skip.May I know what possibility why it skip some records…?

@Aditya10989 Might be because of the conditions the workflow or web application might not be supporting the speed and load, check the input datatable also once.

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thanks for reply.So how could resolve speed or load…?
because almost 1-150 its work fine after this it skip the records every single record it skip 10 records.if I stop the execution and re run it again this start from 151 records and almost 151 to 300 this work fine after this will face same issue.
I have 1000 records due to length process it takes almost 10 hours to execute

@Aditya10989 After every 100/150 records try to give some delay and check. Might be problem with the application you working at that speed.

thanks for reply.Now I observed
I have 1000 records in excel .it work fine for 1 to 150 almost after this not able to save to website …
Although the loop is working fine from 1-1000 Records.
To verify the procedure ,I have restarted the Application again and then i found it inserted next few almost near about 120 to 150 records fine to the website .

to verify the inserted records ,I have created a Extra column named as Flag and it gets set to true ,once the record is inserted into website .

This whole process is taking about 8-20 hours time due to complexity and what i observed is that this Issue only occurs when this application is executing in back end and my windows are locked .Where as when i unlock my system then again it works as expected and start inserting the records .
This is mainly due to my locked system.
I already done simulate type true.

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