Excel Reconciliation


Currently it has got a task to excel reconciliation. And in below points I will mention the points. Could you please look into below and suggest a best approach for that.

  1. Yesterday(let say 2020.09.06) it will update a excel file, generated via ERP(Let say 100 rows) with data rows using a RPA process. Then user will manually do some changes in the same excel file.[Refer below sample images]

  2. Today(let say 2020.09.07) also excel file will create with data rows(let say 105 with 5 extra data rows)via ERP.

  3. I want to use today newly generate excel file to do some task. But I want to add manually changed records in 2020.09.06 to today excel(2020.09.07 one).

  4. Excel generate by ERP has around 10000 data rows[Make sense a lot of data in the excel].

Could some one please help me on the same. Thanks in advanced.

If the id is always unique and does not duplicate, then try:
Read the updated version of excel file with manual changes as a datatable 1, then read the ERP import as a datatable 2. Outer join them in to a new datatable 3 then append dt3 the original dt1. I have seen some folks posting linq queries to do similar to get the new rows here:

Thank you for your feedback answer.