Filter rows in data table for further processing

I am about to import data from excel to erp system.
The thing is that it would be more sufficient having one transaction (inside erp system) for rows with similar values in column A and D.

E.g. there would be only two transactions instead of four in this case. One for rows 1,2,4 and one for row 3.


How can I approach this situation? Should I create temprory data table to put rows with similar values in columns A and D and then pass it onto erp / should iterate over each row and “memorise” the value in column D from where i start and then compare value in the new row with that “memorised” one?
Appreciate any advice


You can Filter the Data in excel only by Removing duplicates of Column 3 and then proceed to insert in ERP.

hi, @mukeshkala
those are not duplicates, each of those rows is unique. It’s just that i want to create pool of similar rows.
i’ll try to explain it with picture

Hello @kuzinyd!

Option 1: If you have the data in an excel table then you can use Sort Table activity from UiPath to sort it according to any column you want

Option 2: You can retrieve this as a Data Table and then Sort that using Sort Data Table

Thank you,

Is ascending/descending orders the only way to sort them, right? Assuming in that case it gets more complex.

From what I see, yess! Don’t know if there are any other way to sort those.