Want to delete duplicate rows in excel

I am working on one of my Project where files have come for 3 consecutive days so Emp ID’s would be repeated in all 3 days so i want i have processed yesterday’s file and my bot is processing today’s file then those EMP ID’s should not be reapeated they needs to be deleted in current day’s file & continue the process for next upcoming files.
I also designed one workflow for these , it is appending the data from multiple files into one file and keeping the unique data after removing the duplicates but that’s not suffice my purpose , I need if some records has been processed in old file then those records should be deleted in current file and so on.

Hi @mittal.abhishek

Please refer this for removing common/uncommon rows,


find some starter help here:
FindDupsUniquesFirstFromGroup_By1Col.xaml (9.3 KB)

And also:

I am already doing this type of work , I need to delete all the duplicates and wanted to write only new values compared with two files.

The attached solution didn’t help much as per my requirement. Please suggest some other solution.

share sample data and expected output sample description with us

Here is the video explanation to remove the duplicate columns.


I have created 2 files as TEST1 & TEST2, if u will see both files if have processed all the records as in TEST1 file , then on second day if i will processed only 2 records into the application because first 5 rows in Test2 file are already processed means if I am appending both files then removing the duplicates that is not suffice my purpose.

Any help would be appreciated…

looks like it can be done with a inner join dt2 to dt1 to get the rows which were not processed from dt1

as an alternate we can also use set operation Except like dt2.AsEnumerable.Except(dt1.AsEnumerable, DataRowComparer.Default).toList