Excel read range

Hello all, I am new to uipath and has been reading about it.
I have an excel list with many columns of data and one of the column is the UPC that will get the price from amazon.
does anyone has a similar project to share?I couldn’t get the price in excel.

  1. Use the Read Range activity to output the excel data into a datatable
  2. You may get the data from a specific column by using the Get Row activity or by interating it by using the For each row activity and assign a variable to receive data from a column like this:

myVariable = row.Item(“ColumnName”).ToString

Hi @qinnymel, welcome to UiPath community

Before answering your question can you please elaborate more on it,
do you want to read data from excel (excel filled with data)?
or do you want to read a price from amazon and place it in the UPC column?