Excel Read range Particular column


In below Excel I need to read column Values A:H, rows are not fixed and need to read including column Headers.
How set Range value in Read range activity.

@sankar.mayilsamy you could set range as A:H in range field and try and check add header property

Hi @sankar.mayilsamy ,

Please follow the below steps to achieve your requirement.

  1. Use work book read range and in the range just keep “” so that it will capture the entire data into the data table(DT).


  1. Use Assign activity and calculate the dynamic row count like below and assing to one integer variable.

RowCount = DT.rows.Count


  1. use the above dynamic row count in the another read range this time we put the following statement “A1:H”+RowCount.tostring in the range so that it will get only the content available in the A to H dynamically irrespective of how many rows we have.


let us know if you face any issues after following the above steps. thanks.


Read all the columns then use Filter Datatable to get rid of the ones you don’t want.