Read fixed columns with dynamic rows

Hello everyone,
Good days~~

I want to read two rows from an excel like below,
but I don’t know the columns it will be every time
so I want to read a range with certain columns and dynamic rows.
Do you have any ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @ChangShuang

If the column names are the same, you can import the data using the column names.When using the Read Range activity, you can check the Add header property and import the body as a DataTable to handle the data as row (“HeaderName”). Tostring in the For each row activity.

Entering “” in the range value of Read Range will retrieve the entire data.

Do you want this?

No, there are other data in the other columns in the excel, I only want the first two columns


If you just want the 1st 2nd column of ExcelUse row (0) .tostring, row (1) .tostring within the “for each row” activity