Excel Read Range error

Dear all,

I received the following error message when run the Read Range activity.
However, this activity works perfectly in other program and the Range is “”.
Thanks so much.

@itmonster999 Try by giving Range like “A1” or any Your required Starting cell number.

Still receive same error message

Hi @itmonster999

When you say that it works for different project, do you mean that you are able to read the same Excel file or a different one?

Also, what is the size of the Excel file you are trying to read?

Hi @loginerror

A different excel.

It works finally… this is a file from the IT system, when i open it and “save as” to replace the existing one, it works then… (Rang = “”)

Can you share your workflow?
Because I tried with “” and “A1”, it works just fine.

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