Excel Online activities

Hey, I saw this image in a locked topic. What package do I have to have to have these activities?
I have UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities v. 2.1.1 but it’s not there.

I need For Each -activity that I can sort Excel in OneDrive without reading it as data table and then writing it because the editing should happen in the Excel.


Hi @sinir
Download UiPath.excel.activities package

I have UiPath.Excel Activities v. 2.20.1 and there’s no Excel Online -activities like in the image.


In the above image you can find for each activity, in activity panel search excel.

This might be the one. I will try to make it work with these. Thanks!

No idea how that activity works it says You must provide a value for Connection even if there’s variable in every property available… I didn’t know it’s this difficult to sort Excel rows in OneDrive.

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