Excel not starting after running bot

Hello I’m here to see if anyone encountered this problem. Randomly after running a bot that reads and writes ranges from/to an excel file. My excel just wouldn’t start anymore (not even from start button). the only way to fix it is to restart my computer. Anyone knows why and how to fix this? I do have a bunch of VBA add-ins launching with excel.


There could be other issues but if you can do this preliminary steps to see if your issue resolved.
After the bot runs, do you still see the excel application running in your task manager? You can press ctrl+alt+del keys and choose Task manager and see “microsoft excel” is found is “process” tab. If found, try to “End Task” by right clicking on it. Now try to open another excel file. If opened successfully, probably the excel application was not properly released / closed by the bot.

In the bot code, first try closing the excel file after your processing or kill excel process at the end before the bot exist.


Make sure you have saved and closed the application once after using that excel file

You can use these activities at the end of the process once after processing the data



Use KILL PROCESS ACTIVITY where mention the process name as “excel”

Cheers @lynnsong986

Thank you both! will do as you suggested.

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