Excel Not Loading


I am experiencing a problem where Excel is not loading properly in a live environment. The bot is able to open the required file, but excel just presents an empty screen (see below).

When running the bot in the dev environment it opens fine. Below is the excel activities properties.



There is a custom Add In in the file, but this add in is used in other processes and this issue is not happening there.


Hello @b.forbes - Does the same issue happen when the file is opened manually in the live environment?

Hi, no the document opens fine manually in the live environment and the dev environment.

Ive had some wierd stuff going on with excel recently, just check if you have a background excel process running, when the App is actually closed. If you do kill it and try again

Yeah, there is a kill excel activity outside of the workflow that uses this file and the excel process scope is always create new


Try with show excel window as not visisble …automation as the launch method…and macro settings disabled and display alerts false

Also may I know what actions are you performing on excel?


I will try that. I am using the file to upload data to an application via the Infor QnA add in.


then may be the addins are not loading please check the setting son your dev machine and use the same …I mean the excel settings

mostly it would be the activex and trust center settings that you need to check


I have changed all the Trust Centre settings to not interfere with the Excel document, and enabled all macros etc. What’s odd is when I sign into the prod environment and run the bot via the assistant it works perfectly, but when the client does it from their end it breaks. Which makes no sense.