Excel isn't saving Content written using Excel Application Scope Activity

I’m creating a new Excel using Excel application scope. And then in the opened Excel, I’m pasting the content from the clipboard using Crtl+V hotkey. The content is getting copied in excel ( I can see that ). Now after this I have given Ctrl+S as the hotkey, to save the file. Now when the process is completed and when I open the Excel, it has no content! The data which I copied and pasted id gone!

Any suggestions why it’s happening ?! Why Excel isn’t saving the changes ?!

Here is a screenshot of my canvas:

Thank you .

Hi ,

Looks like your passing capital letter “S” .Send hot key doesn’t support capital letter.
Could you please try small letter “s” and give a try.

Still no effect !! I can see data being pasted in Excel but it’s not getting saved !

Could you please upload your workflow and excel too.

Hey @RishiVC1

Will you verify that data is copying on the clipboard ?
because I have faced same problem some moths ago. It is sometimes copy clipboard does not seems to copy the data on clipboard. I have debugged it already but in citrix it works well do not know the actual issue in local environment because sometimes it works really well.

So make sure by maintain delay after and a hot key “ctrl+c” just after or before the clipboard you can use.



Hey! @aksh1yadav [quote=“RishiVC1, post:1, topic:5399”]
The content is getting copied in excel ( I can see that ).

So there is no doubt that if the content is not getting copied.

BTW, I managed to solve the problem. I replaced the hot key “Ctrl +s” with click activity. The click activity clicks upon save button on the office ribbon. Make sure you put some delay (Depending upon the size of the content you are posting) after giving hot key “Ctrl +S” to the application. Excel takes some time to save the copied content, and if there is no delay the Excel application scope will close the Excel instantaneously resulting either in no data being saved at all or Crash of MS Excel all together.

Here is screenshot of new Excel Applucation scope:

If there is another even better solution then please do share.

Hey ! @ddpadil Thanks, I managed to solve the issue, please see the updated screenshot of new flow in my reply to @aksh1yadav.

why don’t you send hotkey and give delay after that.
Bcz clicking on save image in not reliable solution.

Is there a better solution then click??? Thanks