Excel giving wrong value which is not from same row


I have divided my RDA functionality into 6 sequence files means 6 .xmal files.
Through REF under process transaction I’m invoking to my first 1 file out of 6 files.

The 1st file is reading an Excel file through invoke activity and creating output datatable and then using a for each loop and getting row data from column A which has ID.
(In excel file i read the file and getting sheets data from read range and putting into an output variable).
This loop is reading ID one by one…
Then i do other activities and invoke to 2nd file/sequence.
In 2nd i use invoke to go to 3rd file… and same with 3 to 4 file.
Let say I’m in 3th file and still in same for each loop and its working fine that im using same ID 1,2,3 and working on being in same ID.
Now i use invoke again to read excel output variable and now i want to read another column price…
I do the same after invoke i create output debatable and reading the read row B which has price.
Then i do other activity and in typeinto activity i want to put price of same ID.
Note…I same file i use 2 other column value from excel and its giving the right value.

I am in loop of ID… l’m on ID 3 and i expect it should show me price of ID 3 but NO its giving me the price of ID 50 which is the last ID of this column.

Now problem is… its not giving me price of same ID and question is why?

Can someone tell… what i wrong and why its showing the last ID price rather then the price of 3rd ID?
What i have did wrong and how can i correct easily.

I can not create one big file whole process as it has many activities.

Kindly help. Thanks.


You said the 3rd ID is not getting the right price,
Did you get the 1st and 2nd ID correct price?

the 1 n 2nd has no price so i couldt check it…

can someone help…
I have an excel sequance file which is reading sheets and putting into argument variable…

then where i want to read the sheet data … i do this…
reading the excel file through invoke and then creating a local variable which is added into argument value…



After that i use for each and using data row to extract the 3 colums of perticular sheet.

Now i want to know am i doing right or wrong?

I am already in a big for each loop where i check the ID and running different sequense(with flow activity) based on this ID…
I want more data of same ID like market price, sell price and ect. I dont think so that i have to use for each loop (again) when i want to read the data of the same ID bec im still in the ID for each loop.

can some one tell what im doing wrong… plss thanks
@Palaniyappan can you help me on that…

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If that is in the same datatable then we can get the data as we don know with Get Row Item activity
But if they are in different datatable then we can use LOOK UP DATATABLE activity

Did we try with that

Or did I misunderstood the query
Kindly correct me if I m

Cheers @Latif

I have one for each loop where is get ID from… and by being on that for each loop i run 4 different invoke (which doing different things) now in 5 invoke i want from same excel and sheet where i get the ID from ID column… now i want price out…

Im invokig the excel again in 5 flow… and doing output data table and running for each loop again to get price data of same ID.
And im sure its not right im doing.

ReadFromExcelFile.xaml (13.2 KB) PartiallyDepreciation.xaml (45.8 KB) FindBusinessPartnerOnlyInterest.xaml (30.6 KB)
Excell file data

File findBusinessparter is first file where im getting ID from excel and using in for each loop. then i invoke to 4 different file like from one file to another and
in 5 file i want the rest data from Excel.
let say im on ID 101 so i want the price from ID one…

But my for each loop in 5th file is giving value for all ID prices… one by one how to stop that and to get only which is related to ID.

plzz help @Palaniyappan
im stuck… is i do not understand why its not working and what im doing wrong kindly check my attachments.