Excel freeze Panes

Hi All,

I need a small help to freeze panes the row and column in excel file without using the macro.

Please help!!

Hi @Luffy ,

We could create a Excel Template of the Required format and then populate it with data whenever required.

Is this possible for your scenario or is the approach not suitable for your requirement ?

Could you maybe provide us with a Screenshot or a An Expected Excel sheet format, so that we can confirm ?

excel sheet is initially blank and once bot populate the data then we have to perform the freeze panes operation.

Hi @Luffy

Please find the below xaml for your reference

BlankProcess8.zip (156.5 KB)

Hope this helps!!

As was already mentioned, create an empty Excel file with just the headers, and the top row frozen. In your automation you copy that file to a new file then Write Range to the new file, without headers and starting at range A2.

@lrtetala Can we do this without using macro?

@postwick I have multiple sheets and some sheets headers starts from A2 and some from A3 that why i want to apply freeze panes after updating the excel


Yes, without using macros we can do this

@lrtetala If possible Could you please share the code for the same.

Please refer this by using excel invoke vba

@lrtetala No , I mean by using excel activities only without invoke VBA or Macro

So just do all that in the template file, copy the file, then Write Range to each sheet with the correcting starting range (A2, A3, etc)

There are no Excel activities that will freeze the panes.

@lrtetala By using Invoke VBA activity how can I apply the the freeze panes on other sheets? i.e. Sheet2 , Sheet3 , etc

anyone know the solution?