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Hi all,
I need to create an excel template with 4sheets and same headers for all the 4 sheets, how can I do that.

Can anyone help me.

Thanks in advance

HI @hanviprebday

  1. Use Build data Table activity and Pass all the Header → Store it as Dt_Build_header
  2. Use Write range activity → Pass the output dt from the Build data table activity
    → Use 4 Write rnage activity and Change the sheet name in the Write range activity

Hi @hanviprebday

Try this

Please find the below xaml for your reference

BlankProcess14.zip (77.0 KB)


Final.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Hope this helps!!


Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to work with Excel.
Inside the Excel Application Scope, you can add the four sheets.
Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open an Excel workbook or create a new one.
To add a new sheet, you can use the “Invoke VBA” activity with a VBA macro

After creating the sheets, you can add headers to each of them. Here’s how you can add headers to the first sheet:

Use the “Write Cell” activity to write headers in the first sheet.


Thank you it’s working fine

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