Excel Formula Write Range Error

I want to print formula with write range in excel “=LARGE(A1:AF1;1)” but I get an error. In the error content, “”=LARGE(A1:AF1;1)“” is enclosed in double quotes. How can I solve this?

can you post screenshot of the activity here @burak

the problem is like this!

use write cell activity to write the formula instead

then use autofill range activity to drag the formula

I can’t write the formula in the cell. I am getting the error in ss when trying to print.
I don’t want to auto fill. Also there are new activities in my uipath.

you mean its not working like this?

what error are you getting

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I do not have this activity, how can I reach it?

click show classic

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Hey @burak,

Could the please share the screenshot of the excel activities that you have.