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I need to write a formula in a for each row activity. The formula is : “=text(‘C’+Counter.tostring,‘dd.MM.yyyy’)”.

It’s troughing an error:

Anyone knows how should I write this?

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Hi @paul.baltag1 ,

What type of activity you are using?
If that excel file is open status please close and try it.
For example in cell A1 I want to update formula, you can use workbook read range activity and “=Date()”

Pavan Kumar


Please try like this

"=text(C1,""dd.MM.yyyy"")" and then you can use auto fill range to fill the formula in all rows

If still need to do in loop only then

"=text(C" + counter.ToString +",""dd.MM.yyyy"")"


Thank you very much , it’s working with autofill.

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