Excel Formula pasted as String issue

I am adding data column with Default value as “=ROW()” to tempDatatable.

After that i am writing it to an Excel using Write Range workbook activity. but the excel formula is pasted as String value instead of Row number. Attached screenshot for your reference.


It’s bit unclear, can you tell me what should be your output look like?


have a manually check on another excel for this formula. Maybe the localized Excel function name is to use

Bot Index column should have values instead of formula. ROW() - will return row number.

Its the ROW function in Microsoft Excel. If we manually type into any cell, it will return the row number of it.

can you check in excel formula editor if the @ was inserted like =@ROW()


You can try as below

First using the Write Cell write as =Row() for the first cell

After that you can count the number of the rows and add +2 if you have the headers

After that use Auto Fill Range and give the range as let’s say if it is E2:E+(DataTable.Rows.Count+2)

Hope this may help you


Hi @Chimbu ,

Instead of using add data column default value. once we done with the write range open the excel file and use write cell to write the following formula =Row() and use autofill range formula to get your desired value. thanks.

it was partly replicable. With an update to the EXCEL Activities (Package Manager) Version 2.11.4 it was working in a first test round, when using the English function name at a non-english localized Excel

Hi Everyone, sorry for the delay.

@Srini84 & @kirankumar.mahanthi1 - we cannot do write cell which makes the process too complex because we have dictionary<string, Datatable>. and we are adding this formula as default value while adding new column.

@ppr - I have tried updating the latest Excel Activities package and also using English function name. But still same issue.

Thank you all for your valuable feedback. we have planned to go with DB instead of spreadsheet.
Since there is no solution, I can’t close this ticket.