Insert excel formula in add data row activity

i’m trying to insert an excel formula in the add data row activity ( The formula is something like this =SOMMA(M18;O18;Q18;S18;U18;W18;Y18;AA18;AC18;AE18;AG18;AI18). I’ve put the formula in a string variable but i get this error

this is the add data row activity(arrayrow)

and when i delete the “=” sign from the formula the robot writes it in the selected cell but of course the formula doesn’t work in excel without the “=”.

I think the issue isnot with the add data row or formula
but its with the range mentioned in the append range activity
Kindly check with the range mentioned in it
or simply mention as “”
Cheers @Mustafa_Hamed

What do you mean by checking the range in the append range activity?

This is the datatable i’ve created

This is where i use the add data row to populate it

and this is where i append this datable created to the excel i need

If i remove the “=” sign the excel is populated and this what i get in the excel

can you please help? @Palaniyappan

No worries
May i know what is the value of formula variable
Cheers @Mustafa_Hamed

This one