Excel formatting after extracting data from site uipath

uipathforum.xlsx (10.9 KB)

After using data scraping from site that contain 6-7 tables (each table contain different number of rows).
I need to align them according to the first row of the first datatable after each scraping.
Attached are for your reference and expected outcome inside too.

I tried using macro(Drag range of cell) but the number of rows for each individual is not fix all the time. For e.g. “hobby”

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are you data scrapping 6-7 tables each one into separate data table?

hey @jackyWHJ

can you send your different datatables in different sheets.
It is difficult to understand the original extracted datatable.

Nope into the same datatable variable and maybe that’s why it turns out like that .
After the first datatable , second third fourth fifth datatable will be in new row new column.
It show exactly like the excel I have attached

Multiples datatable are belong to one individual and are correlated even tho they do not have any primary key.


can you share your workflow. We can get this corrected

The site that I am extracting from is a confidential site. I can try to give a exact workflow but with diff site

This workflow is exactly the same just that at the datascraping part I scrape 6-7 datatable combined and then write to excel

Different datatable but using the same datatable variable. Because all these datatable are belong to one person.

So is like
Data scrap -> data scrap->data scrap->data scrap->data scrap->data scrap->data scrap-> open excel-> write range with that one datatable variable that used by all

Same variable first data scrap for one table Use write into excel
and then empty the datatable and scrap the second table and write into excel with range specified
and so on.

that you can give a try!!!

how to empty the datatable?
i do not need any range specified because the number of data from the site is not fixed.
i just need the data to be in correct format when extracting

This is exact workflow … i stacked all the “extract structured data table” BECAUSE THEY ARE BELONG TO ONE INDIVIDUAL. HOPE I DONT HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING ANYTHING READ FROM TOP

@Naveen_tg @chandu4712

anyone ? asap?


My problem is, i am not able to hit the URL you have provided in the sample file earlier.
So i am not able to create a solution for you.

From the above image… why have you used multiple data scrapping?
you can use single Data Scrapping for Extracting correlated data.

I would have provided you the solution if was able to get the website or any dummy website of same kind.

let me write the full story again.
so my job is to extract multiple datatable out from a site.
Each datatable rows are varies
This is a dummy set of the exact workflow of what i did.
Main.xaml (70.5 KB)

https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/fut/database ( this is the dummy website that i did)

In this dummy set, there is only a SINGLE datatable extracted which is diff from mine.

Actual data scrapping in my flow looks like this :



yellow is Extract Structured Data 1 var = dt1
red is Extract Structured Data 2 = dt1
green is Extract Structured Data 3 = dt1
blue Extract Structured Data 4 = dt1
brown is Extract Structured Data 5 = dt1

so for every Extract Structured Data table it extract is will end up in the next column and next row.

This is what i wanted:

Technically u can ignore the workflow that i give because the main concerned is the multiple Extract Structured Data table and the format in excel.

@chandu4712 @Naveen_tg