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1)i want to open below excel sheet and need to check filter is applied in thee sheet1 .
2)Then i need to remove the filter .
3)Please explain me with example xaml filessample.xlsx (7.9 KB)

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Buddy in once you open excel application scope activity with the path of the file mentioned and while trying to read the excel with read range activity , we got an option in the property to take whether the filter into consideration or not…if its enabled while reading excel, that filter will be taken into consideration or if its disabled it wont take the filter into consideration buddy…with that we can use a excel with or without filter to get the data from it buddy like this


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Hi @vikumars1
Here is your xaml buddy
its resolved


removefilter.zip (11.5 KB)

is that working buddy… @vikumars1


Hi Palani ,

I have one more doubt .
Am reading entire data from the sheet1 .


  1. i need to create new sheet.
    2)then paste entire data into the newly created sheet .
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buddy @vikumars1

  1. use read range activity with add headers enabled in the property
  2. then use a write range activity with new excel application scope and the pass the output datatable obtained from read range to the write range…kindly enable add headers in the write range as well, this would paste the entire data into the newly created sheet

Cheers buddy

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