Excel files

how to read manhy word files and dumped into excel files…

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Hey @guptasweb

For both the apps we have the activity packages which can be utilised.


both packages are already installed…thn wht to do

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You need to perform your business logic.

whta process…pls help me i m new to uipath?

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For this I just said you the suggestion.

Kindly provide full details to explain on the logic part pls.


this is my one of the input
AAM-5Ref-150-01-Equipment Sourcing.docx (107.2 KB)
and its output should be like this
0OutputSheet.xlsx (47.3 KB)

Hi @guptasweb ,

I was able to use Regex on the Text Data and get the Data in the Excel. The Output might not be the Exact as you have mentioned. But I do think we can still formulate the Data and Work on Removing unwanted lines.

Check the Workflow Below and It’s Output :
Convert_Word_To_Excel.zip (125.7 KB)

Let us know if it meets your requirements.

after build data table which activity is used bcz in my system it is missing activity??

@guptasweb , You would require to Install UiPath.Word.Activities Package from Manage Packages.