Extract table from word to excel

i need some help could you pls help me how to extract the data from word to excel??I dont have any idea about regex…

You can use word activities

Go to design tab → manage package → all packages-> search and install UiPath.Word package

We have got many a younger that

Check this doc for details

And no worries
For Regex refer this thread for tutorials

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without regex can we copy the data from word to excel??

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We can try with this component

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he is doing with rtthe help of java and i dont know about java programming


  1. First convert word documents to PDF files using Export to PDF activity.

  2. And then use UiPath Document Understanding model to fetch the required values from the word documents.


And also we have specific course in UiPath academy.

It’s easiest way to read the data from PDF files.

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the word document is book and i want to create index…so my pdf is created but i have a doubt excel is created like invoice or???

@guptasweb Balareva activities would help you to achieve this . Use the below link

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it doesnot work

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