Excel extract

hi guys
i want to extract the word document in the excel for which i have convert the word file into pdf aftr that i m facing some issues this type of pdf -in this case the pdf file is convert the excel file in the same way like we do in invoice extractor or something els pls help me…below is the screenshort of word document


Please let me know what details you are trying to get from this word file. And also, if possible, please send a sample word file.


i want to copy the word file into excel…i m sharing word file and output file with you
word file- AAM-5Ref-150-01-Equipment Sourcing.docx (99.5 KB)
output file-
0OutputSheet.xlsx (47.3 KB)

Just to clarify, you need the Sl.no and the Title in the excel, right?
Or you require the content also ?

content also

could you pls help me how to seprate s.no and title in excel file?
AAM-5Ref-150-01-Equipment Sourcing.xlsx (19.9 KB)