Excel - Error

Hello All,

The process is to fetch excel files from outlook and convert it to text file.
While processing the excel file where in i open the file and run a macro, i am getting this error.


The studio itself is stopping. I am not sure in which activity the error is occurring. Can you help me in sorting or handling this error.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hy @Vignesh_LS,

Please try use the ‘kill activity’ Process Name ‘Excel’ before running the Excel Macro.

Please let me know if it works.


hey @William_Blech_Sister

Havent specifically re-created the error but have added the activity as per your suggestion. No errors as of now. Thanks mate!

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Hy @Vignesh_LS,

Very glad I could help. I have faced this error many times

Could you please like my posts and mark my answer as solution?
It helps me :slight_smile:


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