Excel datasheet opened and disappear in less than 1 s



I had made an UIpath programm that fille values in an excel table, but when executing the program the excel file is filled but it desappear in less than 1s, what i can do to avoid this?


Why do you want to keep it open? Can’t you open file manually after the process?

I think since the process is getting out of excel application scope, it’s closing. If you want to keep the file open, add delay inside application scope.


Please follow as @vvaidya mentioned by giving a delay in the excel application scope.
If you really wants to see the dynamic changes in the excel during the runtime then just keep your excel sheet open .UiPath is smart enough to understand that
“if excel is not open then opens and writes and close”
"if excel is already open it writes but it won’t close by thinking that user might interested in making the changes.