Excel compare

            |  parameter to be filed    |       Description
Type A | 2345                              | Nikhil
Type A | 1256                                  | Rahul
Type A |                                             | vinay
Type B | 3451                                    | Ram
Type B | 3456                               | kunal

this my first excel

code | Address | Description | mobile_Number
0987 | ssd nagar | Akshay | 1234567789
2345 | Mukti dhaam | Nikhil | 1234567789
1256 | veerbhadra | Rahul | 1234567789
3451 | pawan nagar | Ram | 1234567789
3456 | mukai nagar | kunal | 1234567789

This my second excel

if in first excel Type A has Parameter field number available ex.2345 then delete that number row from second excel which has column name code ex2345

@Namrata_Bhovi so by comparing you want to delete matching rows.

Can you please provide your sample input and also describe more about the Problem.
Thanks and Regards.

@Namrata_Bhovi please fallow these steps,
1- read excel file and store data in dt1
2- read second excel file and store in dt2
3- loop over first dt1
4- 2nd loop over inside first loop with dt2
5- use if loop inside 2nd loop
6- in condition section compare dt1 row with dt2
7- delete row in then block

@Namrata_Bhovi Kindly refer this flow, It may helps you
Forum_CompareandRemoveData.zip (99.6 KB)

Gokul Jai

sample1.xlsx (8.5 KB)
sample.xlsx (8.5 KB)

check Type A in Sample.xlsx Excel if it has Parameters to be filed value available then delete that number row from second sample1.xlsx

Hey @Namrata_Bhovi , Did you check it?

can you tell me I only want Type A Parameters to be filed number deleted from second file

@Namrata_Bhovi , Filter the input file 1 using Filter data table

Kindly refer this flow, you may got some idea
Forum_CompareandRemoveData.zip (102.4 KB)

Gokul Jai

@ Namrata_Bhovi

Please check the attached
UiPathForum.zip (16.3 KB)


Please check “Sheet2” of Excel2 for the updated data where duplicate code has been deleted.

Try and let me know if you find any issues.

i don’t want in flowchart and when i change with my record it remove only one record

@Namrata_Bhovi , Kindly share your flow, so i can find solution for you

Kindly Share your .Xaml/project/workflow.

And also above workflow i already send and its the answer for your problem.

Remove only last match record?


Please check the attached xaml. It will remove all the duplicate rows.
UiPathForum.zip (16.3 KB)


Please check and update the status.